Monday, July 13, 2015

Arizona Part 3 - St. George



 I love this picture the girls with their Daddy just one day after Father's Day. And Ellie's little wave?!

My how I adore those three happy faces.



So our halfway driving point was St. George, Utah. Being that we are chickens and didn't want to risk having a car trip from hades, we decided to stay in a hotel on our way down and then again on the way up. It was actually really nice to do that. The girls were awesome in the car, but driving 7 hours straight is rough, so the pool really helped them stretch their legs and get them excited about the trip instead of just dreading being in the car.

 While we were in St. George we decided to adventure a bit and I am glad we did because we found the cutest little carousel and man made creeks and splash areas for Maisie to play in. It was a fun little spot and would make a good weekend getaway and maybe eventually we will get around to exploring Zion National Park. But until then St. George is hot and beautiful and that's just what I need for a vacation. Oh and there's an In-N-Out so even better! :)