Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ellie @ 11 months

Each month we are figuring out more and more about our little Ellie Hazel. She's still so sweet and cuddly, but sleeping a little less and getting into trouble more (oy vey). Ellie enjoys doing things that either endanger her life or things she knows she's not supposed to do. I joke around that she's going to be our E.R child because where Maisie is filled to the brim with caution, Ellie is not. I love that about her, but I get truly scared at least once a day because of her antics. Outlets? Let me put my fingers in one. Outlet covers? Let's just take those out, put one in my mouth, gag on it and THEN put my finger in the outlet. Our brick hearth? Let's climb it and attempt to crack my head open on the edge. She's constantly finding things to climb, get into or eat choke on. Life isn't dull that's for sure and between my comedian and my Knievel it's an out right circus in the Lee household.

Today before church.
Don't let the coy smile fool you, this girl is trouble, but the cutest kind.

-Tricks: waves, claps, points blows kisses, gives real kisses and makes kissy noises.

-Prefers her pluggie (pacifier) upside down. Even when she's on the verge of sleep, she will rotate her little wrist until it's in the right spot.

-Still taking two naps (mostly. She's just now starting to phase out her second nap.)

-Still no teeth and I'm not complaining because not only does she eat real food now (lots of it too) she's still nursing like a champ and being toothless helps keep that going.

-Officially walking everywhere. She can also stand up from a sitting position without pulling herself up on something, turn in circles, bend down to grab something and correct herself perfectly when she gets a little unstable. This girl is a champion walker. She's already starting to experiment with going faster, so I'm guessing not much longer until she tries to run.

-Lately she's been sleeping in this strange position- it's like this hybrid downward dog thing where her bum is in the air and her head cocked to the side. Its really funny and I can't imagine to be very comfortable.

-Words: hi, Mama and Dada

-She is a full fledged trouble maker (see above) not only does she know when she's doing something she's not supposed to, do but if you call her out on it she will glance over her shoulder and smile as she decides to do it anyway. It's equal parts cute and infuriating.

Conquered the step ladder.

-We are chasing her around every where we go. She's a busy body and likes to keep moving so my life now insists on chasing my child everywhere.

-Loves when Maisie plays with her by tickling her belly or playing from behind/under the door. Big belly laughs every time.

Their under the door game.

-Has been throwing mini-fits. Austin is convinced she learned some of these things from Maisie, but I just think it's her determined and adventurous spirit. She doesn't like to be interrupted or stopped from her goal (which sometimes I think is a one way ticket to the hospital).

-Favorite toys: Sebastain (yes the crab) duplo block, a gold glitter ball and pink cell phone toy.

-Favorite foods: blueberries, bread, yogurt, Annie's mac and cheese. This girl will eat anything and everything, which is odd seeing how she refused food for so long. I have yet to find something she actually hates. She is indifferent to mashed potatoes- weird huh?


-Firsts: 1-peanut butter experience because Maisie left a peanut butter spoon in reach of Ellie's grasp- I nearly had a heart attack and was expecting some horrible life threatening reaction, but thankfully we dodged that bullet. 2- Swimming at Rexburg rapids (photo above). First sip of cows milk (today) and she loved it so I think we will start giving her some in a sippy cup soon, but I'm not ready to wean yet, so we will phase it in gradually.

-Likes: bike rides, sitting in Maisie's blue chair, trying to use the teeter totter in the backyard, climbing in the vegetable garden (much to my dismay), wagon rides and climbing everything she sees.

Getting ready for a bike ride.

If you cant find Ellie and the bathroom door is shut I.E she's not in it, here's another spot she has come to love. I can't tell you how many times a day she will just go to this chair and proudly sit there while Maisie destroys plays in their room nearby.

Just wishing someone her size would come teeter totter with her.

Oh you know, just sitting on a squash blossom. 

Wagon ride with Ava.

-Dislikes: 1- the vacuum. She legitimately hates it. It may or may not have something to do with big sister chasing her around with it (gah). Even when it's not on she can't stand to be by it and will often hide under the desk or insist on being held until it's put away. 2- When we don't give her a bite or sip of something we are eating/drinking. She whines pitifully or semi-politely yells until you give her the thing she seeks.

I can't believe Ellie is going to be ONE in 5 days!! Ah!