Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July 2015





That face!






We love the Fourth of July around here. I mean, there's not much to not like in less you are allergic to the sun, grilled foods, sugar (mostly in toasted mallow form, but any sugar will do I suppose) and patriotism. We started our day fairly early, but not as early as we had originally planned because we skipped out on the neighborhood breakfast in lieu of a much needed sleep-in  (the girls included). We got ready for our busy day and then left to go get donuts and chocolate milk before the parade. We got to our spot just as the parade was starting. We had the girls in the wagon and a nice older couple who were sitting in the back of their truck bed offered to let us put the wagon in too that way the girls had a good view. Maisie was busy running around, but Ellie sure enjoyed having a birds eye view (we had her strapped in so she was safe). It was fun to watch the difference between Maisie this year as apposed to last year  (her very first parade experience). This year she was confident and made it out like a bandit in the candy and prizes department, where as last year she was timid to make her way through the groups of clamoring bigger kids. She was a full fledged kid this year and was so happy with her spoils. It was hot this year, but I remembered last year being even hotter, but I was only 20 days from giving birth, so that may have added to my uncomfortableness (hah you think?). I'm glad I wasn't pregnant this year, but even more so, I was glad to be celebrating one of my favorite holidays with Austin and my TWO girls. Ellie had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the plane fly-bys, stomping horses and marching bands. Where as maisie enjoyed a free dilly bar, catching candy, waving to snoopy and getting sprayed by the passing floats. She even told me today that one float was playing Big Hero 6 music. haha I love that girl.

After the parade we came home for lunch and a little rest before we made our way to Egin Lake to cool down. It ended up not being as refreshing as we had hoped for, but it was fun nonetheless. The lake was a ton shallower than when we went last year and therefore the water was lukewarm. We played for a little over an hour and then when we got hungry, we headed home, started the grill and filled our bellies with a typical Fourth of July spread.

We were hoping to keep Ellie up to watch her first fireworks, but as I was nursing her after dinner she couldn't hold on any longer and passed out. So it was just the three of us (don't worry we saved a couple to light off with Ellie). 

It was a great Fourth, we did miss our families and wish we had been together to celebrate with them, but it's always fun having our own thing too.