Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oregon Part 5 - EZ Orchards









This was our last day in town, so we had to squeeze in an EZ Orchards visit. It was nice and relaxing for us adults and good exercise for the girls because they were busy running around, finding/eating pinecones, exploring the plants and trees and playing with new friends. It was nice to get their wiggles out before our 12+ hour drive home the next day. It proved to work as planned because Ellie nearly slept the whole drive. She has some kind of super power where she can sleep for crazy long stretches of time on car trips. I won't complain- it's amazing! The last hour is generally rough because she finally decides she's done with the carseat and being in the car, but I know we are incredibly lucky. I can't tell you how many people have told us that their kids screamed almost the duration of their road trips. So an hour of fussiness? No big deal. We have yet to have a bad trip with either of our girls. Maisie is quite the trooper too, but the older she gets the more indifferent she becomes with long car rides... teenager much?

It was a nice little close to the trip.