Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An email from Santa

About a month ago I took the girls to the university to have lunch with Austin. As we walked though the bookstore we noticed a little letter station with a mailbox that directly goes to Santa. Maisie couldn't stop thinking about it the entire lunch so we had to swing by before we left. Maisie penned her letter stating in messy kindergartener handwriting that she wanted Star Wars toys. At the bottom of the letter it asked for the parents email so I wrote ours down and then Maisie slipped the letter into the mailbox. Honestly I wasn't thinking much about it until a couple weeks later there was an email from Santa Claus. I started to tear up as I read the letter because it was so personalized and sweet. Maisie's eyes as I read it to her were full of magic and wonder. 

Here's the letter:

Ho ho ho!

Well Maisie, I bet you can't guess who this is! I hear you've been a good girl this year. Thanks for listening to your mommy and trying your best to be good. I'm sorry I can't write you more often, dear. We've been pretty busy here in the north pole! Rudolph has been getting sick, so I've had to take care of him to make sure we're all ready to deliver presents Christmas night! Oh how fun it is to fly through the night sky, visiting all of the homes and dropping off toys. You all are just so great! 
Can I ask you one huuuuuge favor? I need your help with something! Now, you must keep it a secret. I was talking with Yoda (him and I are good friends) and he told me that kids can have the force! Did you know that? I'll tell you how. You smile :) When you smile, and say thank you to your mommy, the force starts working on your mommy and daddy. They start smiling, your friends start smiling, all those around you start smiling!! It's the force! Betcha didn't know I use the force all the time on those grouchy elves ;) It's how I helped Rudolph feel better, though he was pretty sick so I had to use a little laughing to help as well. 
Well Maisie dear, you keep being a good girl. I sure am excited to drop off presents if you keep being a good girl! Remember to smile :) 

With a big ho, ho, ho, and lots of love, 
Santa Claus

Maisie after we read it stood in silence for a minute (very unlike her) and with large eyes she whispered "he IS real". I nodded my head and smiled back assuming she was talking about Santa and then she said "Yoda IS real!" I laughed so hard. I guess Santa was never in question, but Yoda? As Maisie would say "is he myth or fact?" but I guess this letter from Santa was all the confirmation she needed.