Saturday, December 19, 2015

Halloween 2015 - AKA The worst Halloween ever







Well this Halloween was eventful and it was really fun until it wasn't.

I was feeling funny the day prior, but didn't think much of it- loss of appetite and a sour feeling stomach. Anyway, on Halloween we all got ready in our Alice in Wonderland themed costumes (mostly homemade) and walked to the event just a handful of blocks from our house. When we got about halfway I commented how my stomach wasn't feeling great, but still not paying too much attention to it. We walked around for a couple hours, eating, playing games, riding the horse drawn hayrides. Then as we walked home I said "I might just throw up tonight". Anyone who knows me, knows that throwing up is about the worst thing my body can do. I fight it at all costs and cry like a baby after every "episode". Within a half hour of being home I knew I had the stomach flu (not really flu, but that's what everyone calls it). I hopped into the bath covered in goosebumps from the cramping, stomach churning and every fiber in my being aching with dread because it knew what was going to happen next. Then it happened.

Relief for about 20 minutes and then again and again and again for the next 8 or so hours. I was in bed the whole trick or treating experience and I cried hot tears knowing I was missing Maisie's favorite holiday. As I was trying to catch sleep between throwing up I heard Austin trying to get the girls ready for bed. Maisie mentioned that her stomach was kind of hurting, but Maisie's stomach is almost always hurting for some reason so Austin didn't think much of it. Big mistake. Huge. Within the hour she was sick as well. So allllll night long me and Maisie were alternating who was throwing up. While I could handle myself just fine (although nursing Ellie through the night was rough stuff) Austin was thrust into what I call panic mode. Maisie was so exhausted from the day and is such a deep sleeper that she wouldn't wake up all the way when she needed to throw up so Austin would hear a gurgle and immediately have to spring into action- changing clothes, starting laundry, bathing Maisie, making sure she stayed hydrated and comfortable while dealing with Ellie when she would wake up and checking in on me every so often.

Maisie and I awoke in the morning exhausted, dehydrated and empty, but no longer sick. It was such a relief to have had it pass. Definitely not the way we had intended our Halloween going,  I mean if someone is going to throw up- it better be from sugar overdose and certainly NOT the stomach bug. We will remember this Halloween for years to come, if only it were for better reasons.

p.s Austin and Ellie ended up getting it exactly two nights later- why, oh why, did it have to hit us two at a time!? I can almost say that, that night was worse than when I had it. But at least I had it first, which is usually not the case- I am usually last. So while I didn't enjoy watching Austin and Ellie deal with it, it was nice knowing I couldn't catch it... again.