Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Fanatic

Notice the Darth Vader on her shirt too.

For the last month Maisie has been OBSESSED with Star Wars. We finally introduced her to the original trilogy (which is far superior to the prequels- in our opinion) last month. It all came about because we couldn't agree on a movie to watch. We wanted something tame, but with a more intricate storyline that Maisie could keep up with. So we borrowed them from our friend and decided to give it a go, completely thinking Maisie would lose interest within the first half hour. She fell in love the second the opening song and credits turned on. She begged to watch a Star Wars movie every night until we blew through the whole collection. She has been begging to watch them again, but unfortunately we don't own them yet so we have to get creative with blaring the soundtrack in our home and in the car (who needs Christmas music right?), watching "The Clone Wars" and the Phineas and Ferb episodes "May the Ferb be with you 1 & 2" on Netflix, YouTube clips (these are her favorites, she calls them R2 funnies- 1 & 2), playing the Star Wars Lego game on the iPad and just by Googling/Pinteresting anything and everything related to the movie.

Maisie knows the entire story, who every single character is and has since developed an undying love for R2D2 and although she won't completely admit it, she totally has a crush on Luke Skywalker because "he's awesome and cool and awesome". Her words, not mine.

Every night before bed we tell funny stories about Maisie's adventures with her friends R2D2, C3PO, Luke and Darth Vader (yes, once again Maisie has a thing for the villain). Some times Wickett, Leia, Chewie and the Sand People get in on the action too. Often times she pretends one of them is coming over to dinner. The nights she invites Darth Vader are the especially fun because she's scared and excited all at once and she wants us all on our best behavior so we don't get forced choked.

Her Christmas requests this year are all Star Wars related items and you better believe I am so thankful the remake came out shortly after her obsession began because it would have been much more difficult finding the items she would like to have without "Star Wars VII The Force Awakens" coming out.

Speaking of "The Force Awakens" we took her to see it today as an early Christmas gift. We were going to wait to take her after Christmas because we obviously got her a couple Star Wars related gifts and we wanted her to have them for the movie, but the timing worked out better to do it today- our babysitter was available to watch Ellie and we were already going stir crazy with Christmas break just starting. We ended up letting Maisie open one present before the movie so she could proudly wear it- her very own R2D2 shirt (conveniently in her favorite color and also with glittery letters). Taking her to see the movie has been one of the most fun times I have had as a parent. She was so excited. I can't tell you how many times she cheered, clapped and made happy little screams during the movie. Seeing all her favorite characters and also BB8? Man, how do they make these little droids so lovable?! The movie was 6 thumbs up (two for each of us) and made our nerdy little family very happy. Now we just have to wait two more years until the next one... Oh boy.

After the movie and just after a refill on our bucket of popcorn. How cool is Maisie's shirt?

P.s Maisie is already planning a Star Wars themed 6th birthday party... only 5 months early.