Monday, July 31, 2017

Maisie-isms #3

I just came across this list, the third edition of "Maisie-isms", in my draft folder started in summer of 2015 and added on to November of the same year. Oops, I kind of (most definitely) dropped the ball on this one... and probably so many other posts as well, but better late than never! I think I will continue with the "isms" because the girl's crack us up daily with their banter and silly sayings. :)

I dropped an apple in the sink while I was peeling it "shoot!"  Maisie came in and said "I'm sorry mama" and I told her "that's ok baby it's not your fault, you don't have to be sorry." Maisie then responded "but you always say you're sorry when I fall down and get hurt and that's not your fault."

Ellie was walking in the backyard by the lilac bush "Ellie is bonding with nature right now."

Maisie: What do you think Ellie's favorite color is?
Me: We don't know yet because she's not old enough to tell us.
Maisie: it's probably the color of your tummy.
Me: What?! Like skin color??
Maisie: No. Like the INside.
(Like when I was pregnant with her haha)

Sitting outside around the fire pit watching a couple of the resident pigeons (the creatures Austin openly despises most) strut around on the roof of the house.
Maisie: (knowing how much Austin hates the pigeons) Why don't we just get a knife and halve them? When you halve them, they die. And then we will see their guts.
Austin: Ew I don't want to see pigeon guts.
Maisie: I do!

Maisie pretending to be Dracula "I vant some beef jorkey (jerky)

Playing with her school erasers "This is Professor Hoots-bird"

When we were walking home from school "Uhg... It smells like a cat's toot."

Upon hearing Austin say my middle name is (which is Ashley by the way).
Maisie scoots in real close and puts her face to mine- practically nose to nose and in a loud whisper says: "Your. Middle name. Is. Hash brown?!"

"It's about to get real stinky." (upon tooting)

We were scoping out places to take our family pictures pretty much in the middle of no where Idaho, when Maisie said:
"I hope we don't get lost because we don't have any food in the car... Well, we do have mommy's milk." --this then led to an interesting conversation about how long I could keep my whole family alive solely on breast milk. Haha!

Watching Star Wars:
"Who would be on Darth Vader's side? Not me! I'm on God's side!"

"Luke Skywalker is awesome, cool, a Jedi and awesome." It seems Maisie has a bit of a crush on Mr Skywalker

Maisie's teacher told us a funny thing that Maisie had said while they were talking about Pilgrams and the Native Americans in Kindergarten and how they were the "first" people. Maisie then raised her hand and astutely said "No. Adam and Eve were!"