Monday, August 28, 2017

My gripe with Gripe Water

After weeks of dealing with a grumpy and evidently uncomfortable newborn we decided to (per the suggestion of many) give Gripe Water a try and see if it would help settle his reflux/stomach issues...


As you can see, it went splendidly... 😂

This all happened within a couple minutes of his first dose and just seconds after I passed him to Austin- Mom for the win! I clearly dodged the major (barf) bullet that time, but trust me I have been initiated into the club many times over since then. 😑

I think it goes without saying we aren't believers of Gripe Water.

p.s this picture while hilariously shows Austin's share of the aftermath, it does not do the sheer volume of spit up justice. It was EVERYWHERE. All over the floor and all over Evan. It was insane.