Monday, September 11, 2017

A party fit for a (three year old) princess





(Ellie's little princess friends. Hailey was there too, but she darted before the picture was taken haha)

Ellie only had one request for her third birthday; that it be "pink princess" themed. Ellie is so completely different than Maisie in that she likes ALL things stereotypically "girly". If it's pink, purple, sparkles or has a Disney princess on it, Ellie is obsessed. So we thought it would be good fun to throw her a little princess party, so that's exactly what we did. It turned out really cute, the girls ate flower cupcakes, danced to Disney music, kissed a frog prince (a pin the tail on the donkey variation, but with a giant cardboard frog and lipstick for kissing) and played with their tiaras, bracelets and scepters.

Ellie ended up unintentionally falling asleep on the couch before dinner time, so I think its safe to say that she had a great time. :)