Monday, November 27, 2017

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit take 2

The 4 month sleep regression is a very real thing folks. After about a week of almost no sleep due to a baby who now knows how to work his hands in a more coordinated manner- I.E breaking out of his swaddle, loudly gagging/sucking on his fingers, scratching the mesh siding of his bedside bassinet, and overall unable to fall back to sleep because he's just too busy practicing his new skills. Thankfully, he wasn't upset and awake crying all night. His sisters during their sleep regressions were both very fussy and spent a good portion of the night overtired and cranky, but Evan was as happy as a clam, but still kept me up regardless. Out of desperation to clear the sleepless fog I was in, I decided to bust the sleepsuit out of it's long hibernation and give it a try on Evan. No joke the first night we used it, Evan was back to his pre-sleep regression sleep schedule. What is this thing!? I have always been skeptical of baby miracle workers, but this thing has no joke worked miracles for two of my babies now. We bought the suit for Ellie when she was 8 months old (read about the reasons we tried it with Ellie here and also look how cute she was) and it fits Evan the same way now at 4 months as it did for Ellie at 8! Another plus to the sleepsuit? It's adorably puffy- think Ralphie and Randy from "A Christmas Story". The beauty of it is to make it so puffy the kids can't move very easily or bend their joints- Evan is able to strong arm his hands to his mouth for a minute or two, but quickly gives up and falls asleep and stays asleep until his early morning (around 3am) nursing session. It's been glorious catching up on missed sleep! Take that 4 month sleep regression! Man, I wish I would have had this thing for the girls during their 4 month sleep regressions because for both of them that was the beginning of the end of their good sleep cycles! I am hoping we staved off Evan's potentially bad sleeping habits, before it became normal! 🙏🏻

Evan normally wakes up as I am getting ready to go downstairs to help Maisie get ready for school, make breakfast and pack lunches- but this morning he didn't. Instead of waking him up by stripping off the sleep suit (I imagine that wouldn't have gone over well) I decided to take him downstairs still suited up. He slept for another hour before finally waking up for the day. When Ellie saw him she said "Aw it's Baymax!" 😂

His little toes peaking out 😍

If you are needing a sleep miracle I highly recommend giving this bad boy a try get yours here.

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