Saturday, January 27, 2018

Grandpa Lloyd


My Grandpa Lloyd passed away last night. My last living grandparent has left this mortal life. He was a good man, music lover, hard worker and the definition of delightful company- The man never met a stranger. I'm convinced that there's a special mansion for him in heaven for his devoted service and the selfless love he showed to my Grandma throughout their marriage. When I speak with others about grandparents I am usually met with the notion that grandparents were distant relationships and reliable birthday checks, but my Grandpa was always hands on in my life and I feel very blessed that he was. He was instrumental in my learning to ride a bike and years later, to drive a car. He never turned down a bike ride, a good rollercoaster or a day at the beach. Growing up he took me to dentist (or doctors) appointments, attended school activities (especially choir concerts), took me out on special breakfasts and lunch dates and made it a point to be involved in my life. He was a joyous and lively spirit housed in a body that never seemed to age (until recently). I miss him, but I imagine that being reunited with his true love was a wonderful sight. Save me some popcorn and a can of Coke Grandpa! Til we meet again.