Sunday, April 15, 2018

Easter 2018



This years Easter cuteness and sibling matchery (not a word, but you get the jist) brought to you by The Gap (not a sponsor, but I wish they were). Sidenote: Does "The Gap" still go by "The Gap" or is it more hip and 2018 to go by just plain ol' Gap? 

These pictures were taken today, one week post Easter, after church because we moved on Easter weekend- it was insane and terrible and overall the worst and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but we are settling in nicely and the kids are happy with the new house and yard here so I'm calling it a win. Evan has officially been kicked out of our room and has his own set up not too far away from ours, but I am already feeling more rested than I have been in awhile (thank goodness). Room sharing with a baby is nice while nursing, but I feel like both mother and baby become keenly aware and especially sound sensitive to each other, so it wasn't the most fruitful of sleep these last couple months. 

Maybe this Easter wasn't the most ideal of circumstances- spending most of Easter unpacking isn't fun, but it's pretty much done now. We will make up for it next year hopefully! 

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