Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Evan at 8 months


Evan is bursting with pride at his new found skill of furniture cruising. He has been able to pull himself up for a bit now, but he would just stand in one spot until finally plopping back to the ground, but now he pulls himself up and walks up and down the length of our large sectional couch or the entertainment center. He is also starting to crawl in the traditional way (up on his knees) but he will still army crawl when he wants to speed things along. Oh, and he can get back into a sitting position from a crawling or laying down position.

He was a bit constipated this day and so he laid down to do his business.

He has tried so many new foods, including egg yolk, bits of banana, avocado (his favorite), cheese and a teeny bite of ice cream (that was all Austin).

We moved over the weekend so now Evan has his own room and has been sleeping in his crib in the nursery for all naps and at bedtime. It has been a little harder on me now that I have to completely wake up in order to walk to his room, nurse him in the chair and put him back down (and repeat this at least twice a night), but I can tell he has been sleeping better. He is still quite the milk monster mainly at night, but will still nurse 4-5 times throughout the day as well even with eating real meals.


He has started to wave "bye bye" when he takes naps or goes to bed.

He loves babies and especially his own little baby reflection. He wakes up from his naps and stares at his mirror and giggles.

His grumpy face that he recently started making complete with nostril flares and snorts